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Only game was Duck, except some Burgers had Venison, etc.
Large salads offered are Skirt Steak and Roasted Pepper, Crispy Tiger Shrimp and Citrus Grilled Chicken Salad at 8 each.
Two locations in Orlando.The name comes from the fact that the hotel is near the West 82nd Degree of Longitude.Soup of the Day (4) and Salads include House, Spring, Caesar and Wedge (all 7-9 as an entrée or 2 as a side dish with dinner).Pay your bill or there will be a contract on you.(American) (Italian) D Located a few miles east of US 441 on SR 26, a few blocks west of Main.Lunch is served 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, then dinner starts at 5:30.Florida Lobster and Coquille.Light snack menu between lunch and dinner hours available.There's also a selection of Pasta, like Pasta and Marinara Sauce (6 Cheese Ravioli (7 Baked Ziti (8 Manicotti (8 Stuffed Shells (8 Spaghetti and Meat Balls or Sausage (9 each Pesto Pasta (10 Fettuccine Alfredo (10 Lasagna (11) and others.In business since 1988.Chips and Dip are also offered as a snack.(SR 580 Dunedin, Florida.

Shawn Tierney, general manager; Charles Whittall (Unicorp) owner.
Salads range from a Chopped, Caesar or Wedge (each 13) to the Caprese (18).
For dessert, a yummy warm Bread Pudding with rum raisin ice cream and sweet sauce.
James and Christina Ellis, owners.
Open 11:30 AM to 3 PM for lunch, then 4 PM to 10 PM for dinner.80 rooms, plus 6 story observation tower.Most come with Soup and Salad.For did edgar allan poe win any awards Salads you'll find Frisée Salad (10) and Salade Niçoise (15).Caffé Positano (Apopka 3030.Opened in 1988, serving an eclectic fare in a romantic atmosphere.Other International Chocolate Companies Callebaut.A half dozen Lamb dishes like Lamb Pasanda or Lamb Vindaloo (all 16) are on the menu.New York Strip, a.Sangria is also available at 7/glass.

Sommeliers can assist in wine selections.