Comically played straight with the Pyro, who's apparently savvy enough as a leader to bring massive financial success (completely offscreen of course) to a company he was only at for a few months at most.
He realized that he could use the hats on himself to become blissfully happy whenever he wants, thus cutting out two middlemen.
Breaking Bad : Walt could have swallowed his pride and accepted Gretchen and Elliott's handouts to save his family, but Walt insists on building his nest egg himself through illegal drug manufacture.
Doofenshmirtz thought the deal sounded pretty good and would have accepted if he hadn't accidentally pressed the self-destruct button.
He points out they've just finished a storyline in which he tried to do that and the buyers tried to A) kill him and B) forcibly secede California, though he does consider trying to resell to a "reputable" organization like skull.It costs him a fortune just to keep the Misfits out of trouble and he'd be better off promoting a group that was less trouble.Kamen Rider Gaim : Averted; while the Yggdrasil Corporation looks sinister, its president Takatora Kureshima is actually doing everything he can to prevent The End of the World as We Know.Afterward, Shriek becomes deaf and thus somehow invents a device that appears similar to headphones that can reverse deafness for as long as it's worn by the person, but by this point he's too obsessed with getting revenge on Batman to care about making money.Though Mechanicles was also really arrogant and prissy, so maybe everyone simply refused to do business with him?

In another article, Cracked claimed that the fact that the villains in Scooby-Doo couldn't find decent employment despite the skills necessary to pull off their schemes coupled with the endless amount of abandoned locations "proved" that the Scooby-Doo universe had suffered some sort of horrific.
Considering just how dependent the Pokémon world is on the titular creatures, you'd think a Meowth that fluently spoke human language could give invaluable insight into the intelligence, psyche, and behavior of the creatures, especially since he's already solved a handful of issues in the.
Everyone would buy one!
Godwin, visually a Captain Ersatz of Red Skull, now steals money from willing people through his casino.
Though, he'd been fired for giving pointless ideas earlier so the boss doesn't bother to listen to him.Instead, they're hit with Laser-Guided Karma after they become so focused on beating the Apple Family great grocery giveaway 2017 that they turn off the quality control on their machine, thus winning the contest but making cider so awful that no one will buy.Helicarrier, escapes, and gets his hands on one of the expanding goo-firing pistols they already have.Tabletop Games Subverted by The Thieves' Guild, a criminal gang in the Freedom City setting of Mutants Masterminds.Think about what the investment versus return on that particular caper must have been.He could've easily just stayed in this job and never committed a single crime in his whole life but quit so he could satisfy his inherent bloodlust, and ended his career by using a pitch to murder a batter.They're taught in universities.The Golden Age of Comic Books and, the Silver Age of Comic Books.