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I think Andys zipper for Sticky Fingers is a pretty outstanding piece of work.
You can have a very garish look, but in front of 50,000 people in the daylight of summer on a moving person, the impression it creates is very different from having 20 of them lined up in a confined space in a dark room.
Time Out New York: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on the new Rolling Stones exhibit.The Rolling Stones photographed by Anton Corbijn in Budapest, August 1995, during their Voodoo Lounge tour Credit: Anton Corbijn.I cant remember whose idea it was that we have a logo, because bands didnt really have recognised logos as such in those days.Zeal NYC: ExhibitionismThe Rolling Stones is a rockers Nirvana.Celebrate the anniversary of Its Only Rock N Roll in Las Vegas!So we went to John Pasche, who was an illustrator I had got to know through the Royal College of Art, and asked him to make a modernised version.AT THE musicians hall OF fame AND museum starting march.There will be backstage paraphernalia, draft lyric sheets, original art work from such giants as Andy Warhol and Richard Hamilton, stage props, thousands of photographs, rare music, films curated by Martin Scorsese, and tactile full-scale recreations of such germane locations as the bands first bedsit.We were quite wealthy in jumpsuits.Butterfly on a wheel: Mick Jagger performing in Hyde Park in 1969 Credit: Alan Messer/REX Shutterstock.

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People: The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Takes Fans Inside the Bands Vault of Rock Treasures.
And, with his physical dimensions unchanged in 50 years, he could still fit into them if he wanted to, a notion that makes him laugh out loud.Everyone involved is insistent that Exhibitionism should not be viewed as a poignant memorial to the end of an era.Friday 15th June, London (UK tuesday 19th June, Berlin (Germany) Friday 22nd June, Marseille (France) Tuesday 26th June, Stuttgart (Germany) Saturday 30th June, Prague (Czech Republic) Wednesday 4th July and rounds up with Warsaw (Poland) Sunday 8th July!Obviously, to be able to help this along, I have had to invest in delving back, Jagger acknowledges.Credit: Philip Townsend, the disgusting flat where it all began.Do any of my outfits make me flinch when I look back?

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SCA TV: Inside The Exhibition, happy New Year!