Considering these dynamics, it's best to confront the issue directly.
Looking at the above cup, we see the presence of made voucher code march 2017 a bold and pronounced line of dots.
The reader should take their time and not force the emergence of any symbols, but should allow them to appear and make themselves apparent.
The drinker should set an intention for what kind of energy they will bring to the tea leaves, and what kind of response they would like to receive.The querent's comfort zone is linked to these external circumstances, so clearly, this concern is starting to impact all areas of the querent's life.Depending on the question, these zones can be used to gauge timing (how soon a situation is likely to occur connection (the physical or symbolic distance between two individuals or intensity (leaves on the rim, for instance, could suggest a life-changing event).Next, also with the left hand, slowly and carefully invert the cup over a saucer.

Whether she likes it or not, the querent is bound to her colleague, and there's no escaping that bond through avoidance.
The packaging was just as it looks in the picture.
Not all tea leaf reading is as sinister or serious, however.
For leaves, choose broken-grade, small leaf teas, but not so small that they are only powder.
A letter, for instance, often refers to a person in the tea-drinkers life, but that persons significance can vary drastically depending on the positioning of the letter and the shapes or white space around.Generally, you'll encounter five types of symbols: animals, mythical beings, objects, letters, and numbers.Read The Shapes Symbols, after the cup has drained thoroughly, the tea leaf reader should slowly examine the inside of the cup, turning it all directions to examine all rotations of the shapes and symbols shown.Dee Dee Michigan true 5 This is fun to break out on girls night!My friends grandmother told her, after ready her tea leaves, that within the month she would be leaving New York and moving to the South.Since water also symbolizes emotions and psychic power, perhaps encourage the querent to explore their inner world before looking outward for love; healthy personal discovery could help invite new romance.Toss only about a half-teaspoon of tea into the cup on its own, or if you like more flavor, it can be sprinkled into a cup that also contains a tea ball.When she received this gift from me, she was so happy and it brought back such wonderful memories of her exotic grandmother.