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Played by Percy Hynes White, Andy is introduced in the premiere of Foxs X-Men drama as a sensitive loner whos perpetually bullied at a school where administrators are content to blame the victims and do nothing to address the problem.
As for the battle, I think while Andy is potentially more powerful, Lorna has the skill and experience on her side.
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Submitted by, articuno224 8 months ago, the Gifted "iMprint" (2x06) promotional picture.
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I'll see if I can find.
I was just so angry, Andy, still shaken, later tells his bewildered mother Caitlin (Amy Acker mere moments before the appearance by Sentinel Services transforms the family into fugitives.
Page 2: Normal Doesn't Exist Anymore, OK?
The Gifted "iMprint" (2x06) promotional picture.
The Gifted "afterMath" (2x05) promotional picture.She had one when she was very young, and now it's almost like she's having a second one.The pregnancy triggered it, but I don't believe the baby was giving her a power boost.It's almost like she's having a second manifestation of her powers.Related: Forget the X-Men, The Gifted Is Carving Out Its Own Timeline.Without skipping a beat, Andy suggests he use his powers to simply unfreeze them.Lauren fumbles her way into something resembling a simplified version Xaviers stance, offering, If were ever going to have a chance at a normal life again.The Gifted (TV Series) 15 fans, become a Fan, song - Alps by Novo Amor Ed Tullett 2 fans.The former envisions a future in which mutants and mankind peacefully coexist while the latter sees no reason to pacify their human persecutors or suffer a single abuse at their hand.By using Fanpop, you agree to our tea leaf reading gift set use of cookies.