the script gifts

Narrator 2: Waves showered them with icy spray, so that Chen was soaked and shivering.
Now I will be paid for all my foolishness.
(with a hard look) Do you still want to go?
Narrator 1: One day, the widow took a pile of brocades to the marketplace, where she quickly sold them.
Our teacher gifts are practical, memorable, and unique.Teacher Appreciation Gifts, show teachers how much you appreciate all they do for your children.Narrator 2: It stretched as it rose, growing larger and larger, till it filled their view completely.Narrator 3: Wali Dad thought for a moment.Narrator 2: Each day, he earned thirty paisa.Narrator 4: Wali Dad thought and thought.Narrator 3: The merchant was getting uneasy, but he could not refuse such a generous offer.That would be almost like being there.Narrator 2: He turned and again saw the two peris.Narrator 1: The stall keeper asked, stall keeper: Do you like it?Check out our exclusive line of "Mommy Excuse Pads" and money envelopes for sending cash to school.

A horse t pain win was grazing nearby.
None of us has been able to match.
Servant 1: (announcing) A caravan from the east!Peri 1: Where are you going, Wali Dad?As he entered the palace, the guards gave a salute.It lifted the brocade, blew it out the window, and carried it through the air.She cut her brocade from the loom and held it beside the widows.Peri 2: No shame can come to such as you.Take the horse and.