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I dont see this as a game-changer in the media landscape.
In the AT T deal, its a behemoth buying a smaller content company.
For much of that time, the informal agreement required the recipient to provide little more than convenient building access for Time Warner Cable technicians.
How do you access those people?In return, to comply with federal law, the cable company must issue an IRS Form 1099-misc to all individuals that receive courtesy services worth 600 or discount semi flush ceiling lights more in a calendar year.AT Ts Mexican unit also was a highlight, with wireless subscriber rolls.One offer rewards a free month of Internet to a program participant for every three leads that turn into sales.But once AT T owns Time Warner, it can experiment with its own content.Time magazine to focus on TV shows and film.My guess is theyre making this deal more out of fear than out of opportunity.For now, continue to use the My TWC App.

The marriage would pair Time Warners award-winning content, ranging from HBOs Game of Thrones to Warner Bros.
Adding Time Warner would further strengthen AT Ts overall business.
Thus far, this is the story AT T and Time Warner are telling: They plan to develop innovative TV bundles that stream to mobile devices and experiment with various models to see which ones consumers will like.
Im not seeing one plus one equals three.Moreover, regulatory approval could be tough with both the Republican presidential and Democratic vice president nominees opposing the transaction and congressional committees calling for hearings.Another reason some are balking is Time Warners insistence on a signed W-9 tax form, which includes the recipients Social Security number.Free cable, including complimentary HBO and Showtime is almost always an effective incentive for those that can otherwise make life very difficult for service providers.Details about Time Warners Apartment Managers Program are hard to find.At the same time, its Google PR remains at a basic level which most likely identifies a lack of credible sites linking to Rewards Time Warner Cable Special.