More Info, of course, people are likely to have different opinions on what makes the best Yankee Swap gift.
Not to mention, cuff bracelets are totally a thing right now.
And you can hang up your pictures with these, too!
Decorative Candles Whats cuter than a bunch of cactus candles?
In any group of Yankee Swappers, theres bound to be at least one person who really wants these fancy chocolate covered cookies.So to help you give an original and unique gift for this years swap, here are some Yankee Swap gifts you would actually want to receive!A Coffee, mug, the perfect little mug for that #GirlBoss starting her day with a hot cup of coffee.A Fun Coffee Table Book A cute coffee table read is the perfect addition to any living space and will provide a conversational topic for guests stopping in over the holidays.

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They look like Russian nesting dolls, but work like standard measuring cups (though without handles, theyre probably destined to be a kitchen decoration for most people).
Laptop Stickers and Decals Personal but also quirky, laptop stickers make a totally fun Yankee Swap gift!
Who needs a friend to get pizza with anyway when you can just look down at your watter bottle and know its thinking the same thing?
This is what they need to start saving up for their next pair.Each month features the cats image with a different darkly humorous caption (example: If youre happy and you know it get away from me).The, cat Mood Chart, this cute little chart can be flipped to let everyone know when youre in a good mood, bad moodor when you cant be bothered at all.Depending on the store, gift cards can also be funny, weird, or whatever you want them.Delicious Baked Goods Sure, federal solar rebates 2014 baking can be fun but we all know that eating Christmas treats is the best part!Yankee Swap is the cornerstone of Christmas, and also the reason for every awkward harry potter gift books gift exchange to have ever occurred in a large group setting.When choosing something for a gift exchange, a lot of people go for the funny gift.Measuring Matroyshkas, should you bring a novelty item to your gift exchange, or something practical?Check it out, underwater Dogs, along with enjoying the hilarity of Grumpy Cat, people spent a lot of their online time in 2013 looking at pictures of dogs plunging into water.Check it out 2014 Grumpy Cat Calendar, by the time someone turns the last page in this calendar, the.

A Copper Head Massager A handheld head massager for someone who gets frequent headaches or just likes to have their head massaged.