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But some were skeptical about Trump's chances - including his own son.
Leader so that he would continue to support South Korea's efforts to resolve the North Korean crisis through dialogue.
"I just want to get the job done.".
Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a Trump ally who is sometimes critical of the president, said that if Trump "can lead us to ending the Korean War" while "getting North Korea to give up their nuclear program" in a verifiable way, then he "deserves the Nobel Peace.
Live Streams on 2nd channel: m/nobullshit2.Main channel: m/NoBullshit, t-shirts: m/stores/no-bullshit-store, patreon: m/nobullshit, paypal Donate: /2gUbS84.On Monday, South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, said he felt the same.No matter what the likelihood is for Trump's getting a Nobel, his public image among South Koreans has been improving markedly as the mood on the Korean Peninsula shifts from fears of war to hopes of peace.Trump's "maximum pressure" approach of tightening the noose around the North with economic sanctions and military threats was largely responsible for forcing Kim to the negotiating table, they said.During their summit meeting, Kim and Moon agreed to push for talks with Washington to negotiate a peace treaty to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War, an agreement that, to the pleasant surprise of many South Koreans, a usually tempestuous Trump has eagerly endorsed.iframe width"640" height"360" src"m/embed/PjDMUnvCBPc" frameborder"0" href"ml" Trump Pursues Denuclearization in North Korea amp; Nobel Peace Prize, While Ramping Up US Weapons Sales /a - We continue our look at how North Korea is threatening to cancel the June.S.-North Korea summit, discount yamaha parts free shipping after President Trumps.That's very nice a visibly flattered Trump said in response.He has been accused of ruthlessly executing scores of aging generals and party elite members, including his own uncle.

Moon's endorsement of a Nobel for Trump, who has faced one ethical scandal after another at home, came as the South Korean leader presided over a meeting of his senior presidential staff Monday.
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Trump has also been eager to take credit for Kim's shift in behavior as the inter-Korean summit has fanned speculation that he could receive the Nobel Peace Prize.Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now!When Trump held a rally in Michigan on Saturday, his fans chanted "Nobel, Nobel, Nobel!" "That's very nice, thank you.And when Kim talked alone with Moon, without aides, he sought Moon's advice for his coming talks with Trump, they said.Last year, as tensions escalated on the Korean Peninsula, with Trump's administration openly threatening military action against North Korea, Moon publicly denounced such talk, swearing that no such military action would take place without South Korea's consent.In part two of our interview with Christine Hong, executive board member of the Korea Policy Institute and an associate professor at University of California, Santa Cruz, she discusses the response to Boltons comments, the role of South Koreas president and workers in negotiations that.Seoul, South Korea - Several months ago, South Koreans considered President Donald Trump as dangerous as North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, as the two traded threats of nuclear annihilation.