twenty first birthday gift ideas for her

I have put together some of my favorite thingsas well as a few that are on my list this year.
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Also great for removing makeup and that black mascara stuff.You cant go wrong with a cute coffee mug.Any hypermiler out there would agree that a tire pressure gauge is a must for any driver.Baby Washcloths.50: A 12-pack of super-soft baby washcloths is amazing for gently washing the red door gift shop sensitive skin.Glue Gun 4: The most expensive item on my gift list, and well worth the price.The reflective part is a bonus!Dont cry, these only cost two bucks and a bit.Ok, maybe twenty bucks.Its a five year memory book where you write something small about each day.Most of them are made in China though, so read the labels before buying its probably not worth the expense.Gifts For Her, im not much of a girlie-girl, so I took a pass on most of the makeup, the hair stuff, and the fake nails and opted instead for dollar items I would actually use.

Piggy Bank 2: Teach your young kids about money by gifting them a simple piggy bank.
Hair Bands 1: This one is for the girls, sorry boys.
So I sent my guy, The Carl, on a dollar store mission to find good quality items for the good fellas on your list.Great for emergencies where adhesive is essential, and for physically taping your mouth shut in any sticky situation.Loofah Sponge 1: A little loofah goes a long way to scrub the rough edges and soften your skin cells.Swiffer Microfiber Hack a very popular article.I am also going to be giving away a 25 gift card to Target to help you with your holiday shopping!

Every scrapbooker needs a few good crafting stickers, and kids should play with them too.