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Uncommon Goods Intersection of Love Photo Print, 75175, m Kick off the newlyweds honeymoon trip with a remarkable personalized wedding gift : matching leather, hand-crafted luggage tags that will last them a lifetime and that are truly timeless.
Food52 sells an array of unique wedding gift ideas that are perfect for stylish newlyweds.
Electric Wine Opener and Foil Cutter Buy It Here For 20 Buy Here Because charcuterie needs wine. .Stay within these ranges to be safe: Coworkers/distant family friends/relatives: 5080, relatives/friends: 80120, close relatives/friends: 120175.This personalized wedding gift will come in handy for storing the couples photo books or prints.Buy It Here For 250, buy Here, because its still ok to gift a blender and, if you are, it totally needs to be the coolest blender ever. #ThanksChampagne.If youre going to gift a vase for a wedding its cool to personalize.Dont forget to buy extra favors.Bloomingdales All-Clad Pizza Grilling Stone Set, 125, m Cheap DIY Wedding Gifts Tight on time and searching for inexpensive wedding gift ideas or last-minute wedding gift ideas?If you're crafty, check out the creative wedding gifts ideas below (that dont scream DIY) to discover quick, budget-friendly projects that the couple will love and cherish regardless of the price tag.Brit Co DIY Chalkboard Tray, prices vary, m These beautiful DIY botanical coasters, made with easy-to-use polymer clay and pressed leaves, can pass for a designer-quality houseware gift.When All Else Fails Buy One of These Gift Cards Online: Swipe Left!

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The artist will let you choose from a variety of options like skintone, background and even make a spot for your little pup too.
The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Full Size Kit with Badger Brush, 185, m Weve landed on the ultimate wedding gift for a groom whos a craft beer enthusiast!We've got all the supplies you need for the perfect party-all you need to bring is your snacks and your guests! Decently priced, you might as well grab 2 (you know, one for the second wedding ). Personalized Couple Tandem Bike Art.The Lovely Drawer DIY Botanical Coasters, prices vary, m Gay and Lesbian Wedding Gifts Searching for exceptional gay wedding gift ideas or lesbian wedding gift ideas? Kate Spade Take the Cake Silver.Artifact Uprising sells a hand-crafted wooden box that is customizable with a photo (or text) of choice printed on the exterior. These silver frames also come in Mrs.