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My book shows vegan travelers how to find vegan food anywhere in the world.
Animal sanctuaries offer refuges for farmed (and non-farmed) animals rescued from horrific conditions, and more blues brothers novelty gifts and more are opening each day, so you can likely find one in your area.And Cadrys got you covered on how to deal if you do end up receiving a non-vegan gift.We all want vegan presents that gift for best wishes we can appreciate and use, so take the time to educate your friends and family about what is and isnt vegan, or give them some suggestions of what youd like to receive (by forwarding this list, for example!).Products that have been tested on animals, usually common in cosmetics.Forks Over Knives Cookbook : Ask any vegan their favorite documentaries about veganism, and Forks Over Knives is probably in the top.For a more wallet-friendly option, I highly recommend the.

Donation to the Vegan Society You could also make a donation in their name to the Vegan Society, to support their work for the vegan cause.
Non-silk ties A lot of neckties are made out of silk, but this Retreez tie is vegan.
Aquafaba cookbook Anyone into vegan baking will have heard of (and possibly experimented with) aquafaba, the water from a chickpea tin, which somehow miraculously whips up into meringues and can be used as an egg white replacer.
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These are always a good bet for vegan cooks and those interested in experimenting in vegan cooking.I usually get my bath stuff from Lush, who have shops in a lot of countries now and do a lot of vegan items (and always mark them as vegan).Body Scrub This cool mint lemonade salt body scrub from Giovanni probably smells mind-blowingly amazing if their other products are anything to.This means that Ill receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you.The massage experience was developed by synaesthetes.Gift a custom vegan itinerary (from 99) and the vegan in your life can choose when they want to get a guide written just for them.Here are some of my favourite good quality vegan makeup brushes.

Vegan runner t-shirt Vegan runners can show their pride with this t-shirt.