Back For Corporate Bonds The margin buying power available to purchase Corporate bonds.
Note: If after applying the above mentioned VBA code you would need to color a few more cells manually, the sum and count of the colored cells won't get recalculated automatically to reflect the changes.
End Function, function SumCellsByFontColor(rData As Range, cellRefColor As Range) Dim indRefColor As Long Dim cellCurrent As Range Dim sumRes Application.
Back Federal Tax Withholding The percentage of federal income tax that you elect to have withheld from your IRA distribution.Back This is the first settlement date for a security as a new issue.Back, factor, in the context of a bond that adjusts (e.g.,.In the above example, we used the following formula to count cells by color CountCellsByColor(F2:F14,A17) where F2:F14 is the selected range and A17 is the cell with the needed background color.

Back Fund Benchmark An unmanaged group of securities whose overall performance is used as a standard against which relative investment performance is measured.
Back 403(b) Plan A type of retirement plan created under section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, employees of 501(c 3) non-profit institutions (such as hospitals, museums, research institutes, and foundations) and public schools can set aside money for retirement on a pre-tax basis through.
So, after coloring cells manually, simply place the cursor to any cell and press F2 and Enter, the sum and count will get updated.How to count by color and sum by color in an Excel worksheet.But luckily we have very skilled and knowledgeable Excel gurus in our team and one holiday gift ideas under 30 of them has written the faultless code for Excel 2010, 20So, move on with the 5 quick steps below and you will know the number and sum of your color.Y displays if it is and N displays if the security's interest income is expected not to be subject to this tax.Apart from using third-party add-ins, there is only one possible solution - utilize User Defined Functions.

Well, counting cells based on color and getting the sum of colored cells was pretty easy, wasn't it?
Formulas to get the color code: GetCellFontColor(cell) - returns the color code of the font color of a specified cell.