what are good raffle prizes

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Raffle Prize Ideas, weve started our raffle prize idea list below.
Learn more about RaffleLinks Prize Sourcing Service See what great prize other fundraisers have on offer in our current raffles.
Second, estimate the number of ticket sellers you can count.
But remember, the lower your ticket price, the more tickets you need to sell to make a good profit.So what kind of prizes should you have?Electronics are a great raffle prize option.For example a beach holiday would be an attractive prize for dominos meal deal coupons a raffle held in a regional area.The absolute best way is to survey the members of your organization.Acknowledge your highest fund raisers and give out awards.

A predominately female audience may find spa treatments and jewellery appealing.
Another great alternative is a completely restored classic / collectors car.
Thank all your volunteers, ticket sellers and buyers.This accurately reflected the value of the prize and was a price most people were willing to pay.If the prizes for your raffle drawing are donated, the only costs are the printing of the raffle tickets.Sourcing raffle prizes can give you one giant headache so RaffleLink have devised some tips to help you choose raffle prizes that will sell tickets.Set a due date (before the giveaway day) for the sellers to turn in the money and tickets (both sold and unsold.A Checklist for Those Worried about the Strength of their Non-Profit 5 Reasons You Should Collaborate with Another Non-profit in 2011- Part I 5 Reasons You Should Collaborate with Another Non-profit in 2011- Part II 7 Ways to Maximize Your Mini-Fundraiser Earnings.Prizes and Pricing, your style of prize will affect the ticket price you select.Possibly a prize (like a gift certificate) for the persons that sell the most?This ticket / amount raised goal is the Target goal.