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With this exciting new East London focused prize we thought it would be a good time to answer some of the questions weve been asked to help you reward recruitment agencies format your entry and understand what its all about.
I live in another country, am I eligible for the Ashurst Prize for Rich Mix?Clearly and succinctly write it in your text, and make sure you dominos cambridge park voucher tick the box in the entry form at the bottom.18 December 2016 if you would like feedback in your submission.Their work uncovered the mechanisms used by cells to repair damaged DNA.

The deadlines are all the same.
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I dont live in East London, am I still eligible?
We hope the above gift baskets auckland free delivery answers all your questions on this new, exciting prize but if you want further information please drop us an email on or Tweet / comment on our social media!
T: @theartprize, I: @theartprize, Facebook: Ashurst Emerging Artists).Its money, you get 10 coins a day for each get-up you get and you still get money even if you delete the costume thanked the writer.A host of molecular systems continuously monitor and repair our genetic information.They not only support the visual arts but run a full cinema programme, live music, dance and spoken word, the list continues!Ive already entered the prize (before the announcement in November 2016 am I eligible for this new award?You might also like.Remember to mention this in your artist statement or artwork commentary.

As long as your work is connected with East London it will be considered.