what awards did jules verne win

At the end they took questions from the audience.
Jim talked about the Licensable Bear, one issue having the first Obama in it and Nat selling a bunch on ebay and giving a cut of the ebay money to the artists.
7, Saville Row, Burlington Gardens, the house in which Sheridan died in 1814.
Janet Heatherington interviews Silver Age artist Romana Fradon about her work.How much long term planning he puts into his stories.He spoke about his love of the Dell and Archie comics (and dislike of Harvey comics) and movies.(62.8mb, 68:37) The creators were Scott Hepburn, Andy Belanger, Karl Kersch, Cameron Stewart, Dan "Jamie" Simon, Jeff Moss, Brian McLaughlin, Tyrone McCarthy, Ramon Perez and Danielle Corsetto.James Hudnall Spotlight (49:51,.7mb) James was running behind so the panel started with moderator.He said earlier in his career he was trying to draw like George Perez, but would later switch to Jack.Sergio told a funny story about how Joe said he was going to take his 5 kids, wife and mobile home and go on vacation.Stuart Immonen and Sean Phillips in Conversation.He revealed he puts the work duck in every story and why he draws black noses on everybody.After the announcements they went straight to the audience for questions.

Joye gave some of her background in where she grew up, went to college and what she originally wanted to do for a career.
On the panel was Sana Takeda (and translator Jeff Lemire, Charles Adlard, Emma Rios, Brandon Graham and Chip Zdarsky.
They talked about how many artists got their start at DC comics, with Carmine liking their art and telling editors to get the artist a script.
The Pro's were Christopher Sequeira, Paul Levitz, Jamie Coville and eventually Glenn Hauman.
Another topic that came up is if we have reached "peak geek" or not.He also talks about the productions of the fanzines.She also spoke about the changes to Wonder Woman over the years.During the Q A Scott revealed that DC for some reason doesn't want to do any artists edition books and names some of the artists he'd do books on if he could.Andrew talked about his pestering John to write a comic.The audience did ask him some questions and the Geof talked about good movies the audience should see towards the end.The winner was Bryan Lee O'Malley.It kids classroom gifts was moderated champions league winner prize money by Heidi MacDonald ( m ).Writing Comics with Len Wein (51:08,.8mb) Industry Veteran Len Wein does a panel about writing comics and writing in general.While Tom spoke he showed pictures of the Hernandez brothers art and a few pictures of them.

The Best and Worst Manga in 2013 (47:47,.7mb) Moderated by Deb Aoki, on the panel was Brigid Alverson, David Brothers, Chris Butcher and Shaenon Garrity.