In our country the signs with the clock are more logical.
It turns out that in Chinese the word «burial» sounds almost the same as «clock».
The clock seems to be trying to count down the time you spend together.
Another sign: a watch given to the beloved person count down the time until the pair break up, and when the watch stops, therell be a separation forever.
Although, its worth reproaching micro jig rebate the Europeans for double standards Gothic castles with sharp towers were given without fear of any superstitions.Give nice gifts, believe only in good, and let You have a Gothic castle, or at least a three bedroom apartment in the center of the city.Nowdays a wrist watches are considered as prestigious and desirable gift in China, especially among the young.Surely everyone has heard about this promise they say, You cant give them, especially to those who love somebody.You cant give a necklace or earrings to a normal guy.There are several opinions about what the watch gives you: A superstitious opinion that it is impossible to give a watch towe came from China.What if You got a watch?To get a watch as a gift, means to be invited gifts for 50 shades of grey fans to a funeral, thats what chinese say.Tefutefu purewell voucher code 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.But there it was: superstitions and omens were putting the spikes in the wheels of those wishing to give a watch.

Their sign says that You should not give sharp objects knives, forks, razors the hands of the watch are just like that.
If Youre superstitious, make an agreement with the donor that he didnt give them to You, but sold them for this cent.
The sign, as is known, applies only to donations, but not to buying and selling.
There is no faith there is no power of superstition.A lot of people are tormented by the question: whether to give a watch as a gift, picking up gifts to relatives shortly before any next celebration or celebration.In this case, the clock is given to parting.If society believes in superstition for some reason, theyll have to be reckoned with.But spreads only on the wall and desktop mechanisms.For example, the Czech castle Bezdez was donated by King Vaclav IV for helping to suppress the rebellion of his cousin Prokop, and this didnt contribute much to the breakdown of their relationship.Accordingly, they are outside the zone of influence of this sign.