I would also say congrats Im here if you need guidance and penfed platinum rewards support.
We know this to be true because we went all the way to Ukraine to adopt our two angels who have Down Syndrome.
Because I promise, once your child is asleep in your arms or looking up into your eyes, you will find the strength to take one step at a time and one day at a time.Know that it will get better and youll find sometimes you may wish all your kids had down syndrome because they can be so sweet/easy to be around.Terri: A diagnosis of Down Syndrome does not define your child.Kreszentia in, los Angeles, i'm having a baby girl in 2 months and we can't decide on a first or middle name!Jani The lord picked you for this amazing and special gift, because you are a special person.When he comes you will want to bond and keep him maybe even more precious bcos he is and you may need extra time as a family.You will realize real soon you are the fortunate one who gets to look at life through an amazing window.Its been a fun ride so far for our family i hate using the word blessed its way over used he is an amazing child.Sandee: you are blessed!

Dont focus so hard on the future.
Nigel: Down syndrome today is not the Down syndrome of yesteryear.
Alex Mandara: He or she is down but not out!The Lord has matched you with this child to love one another!Because your babies love joy of life, well its contagious once you get your eyes opened like that, you get to keep it with you all of your life.Then I would say the best is yet to come.Julie: Open your eyes and see the baby that needs and loves you!Callie: God has an incredible story for you and your childs life consider yourself blessed that he has entrusted you with such a gift and look to Him daily for wisdom.Mandy: God has blessed you with a Child That is the most important responsibility that he could bestow on you!Cindy: In Gods eyes, all children are created perfectly for the job He has put them here.You will work hard and the rewards will be amazing!Love your child where he.