Some of those results could be contested if the margins are thin enough when the counting is done.
Some on the sidewalk shouted encouragement, while some greeted the GOP nominee with boos and jeers.
He has a slight dropoff with Republican women, getting 85 percent of their votes.
CBS News win one million also projects Trump wins in Tennessee and Oklahoma.CBS News Rebecca Shabad 7:25.m.ET In the Nevada promo code for netherworld 2016 complaint on early voting, Trumps campaign asks that the court isolate ballots that were cast at the time and location in question at four locations: Cardenas Market, Deer Springs Town Center, Silverado Ranch Plaza, and the Las Vegas Strip.Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, is Clintons vice presidential nominee and Republican Gov.ET Some early state-level exit polling is coming in as well.

ET for Election Day coverage.
Asked to name their most important issue, 52 percent named the economy; 18 percent said terrorism, 13 percent said foreign policy and 12 percent said immigration.
Viewed together, the differences between the models become much clearer.Huma Abedin stood near. .We then assume that.Later tonight, she will hold an election night party nearby at the Javits Center in New York City.On Monday, Democratic presidential nominee, hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and former first lady, held a small 4-percentage-point lead over GOP presidential nominee.CBS News Rebecca Shabad 2:52.m.Wednesday morning, Trump led Clinton there.5 percent.9 percent.Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine.Thats more than what consumers spend on cereal (6 billion pet grooming (5.4 billion) and legal marijuana (5.4 billion).She congratulated us on our victory and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign, he said.

ET, here are some more exit poll results from Virginia: The majority of female voters in Virginia say they voted for Clinton (57 percent, versus 38 percent for Trump) while males favored Trump (49 percent for Trump, versus 44 percent for Clinton).
ET As we wait for polls to close in an additional 16 states (plus the District of Columbia) at.m.
I think this is the election where the Latino community understand that they make a big difference, that they dont view themselves as a minor part of the electorate anymore, Kaine said.