Where a regular sweepstake will receive hundreds of thousands of entries, a video contest might receive only 100.
Now, for the most part, it isnt Julian or one of the other site operators picking the winnersits the folks putting on the event.
Your goal is to use the giveaway to get the brand in front of as many people as possible, generating the maximum number of entrants.
You can also take advantage of filtering technologies, such as Google's promotions tab or Tweetdeck's filters, to filter out contest-related content from your primary account.
John were the shows that I attended by leaving winning comments).George Clinton (a concert I unfortunately wasnt able to ultimately attend Our, sEMpdx, portland Search Marketing Group has put on a summer rooftop networking event, and for the last few years, weve posted the event on pdxpipeline to draw interest and give away some passes.The site has become quite popular (as you might imagine and over the years, Ive won a few free passes to shows from the site (Hank Williams III, Levon Helm, and.In Portland, my friend Julian Chadwick runs a site called.For brands that are still building a social media following, that's not easy.On it, a ton of events (including many concerts) are posted with the opportunity for the best commenter(s) to win a free ticket.You might be following some promising accounts, but there's still a chance you'll miss opportunities amid all the online noise.You can easily filter these using typical contest language like "enter to win.".Because of my relationship with Julian, Ive been the person coordinating this, and its been up to me to choose the winners.Are they trying to promote purewell voucher code healthy living, a new product, or something else?End Date: How long american marketing association membership promo code do you have to put the video together before the contest ends?

Consider Your Setting No matter how great your video is, you will hurt your chances of winning contests if your background is messy, unattractive, or otherwise distracting.
Using Tweetdeck or an advanced Twitter search, you can run a radius search to find these local tweets.
Visit and do a search for "best commercials." Ad agencies are paid big bucks to create short, moving stories, and you can learn a lot by watching the best of the best.
Determine How the Winner Will Be Selected.
Don't let those worries hold you back. .Here's how to really save money.The number of initial followers who hear about the contest might be pretty low, and the number of entrants even lower.At this point, you're probably wondering if this means you're going to wind up getting a lot of spam or, even worse, wind up forcing contest spam on your social media contacts.How to Win Video Contests, Even If You're an Amateur Filmmaker: Are you worried that your video skills aren't great enough to make it possible to win video contests?