In the 60's I used Browning ammo in the black gold box but they don't make it anymore.
I am taking my 375JDJ and my wildcat 257.
Bought the A-bolt over the x bolt because of the.O.S.S system on the end.
# 39, 07:09 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Aug 2009 Posts: 3,607": Originally Posted by Sus Scrofa Never take a neck shot, too risky the animal will move and the bullet go through the wind pipe and not the spine.
If I am spending two grand to go hunting I am not going to skimp on bullets,.The 300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag may have been created from the same 375 H H belted magnum case for fitting standard actions, but the 300 Win boasts significantly more powder capacity.And you use bullets meant for Elk to shoot 100pound deer?If you know of any lodges where I can get the service, food and amount of deer I see in a week, then you can recommend them.I hand load Swift A Frame bullets, Noslers Accubond and Partition bullets, as well as Sierra bullets for target work.Is often criticized for its too short neck, which is less than the.308 diameter of the bullets it shoots.And many other cartridges at home and around the world.(any) (any)2 Vets Arms Co3-D406Ammunition57 OutdoorAccu-TekAccura PremiumAccurateAcmeACT MagazinesAdaptive Tacticaladiadvanced ArmamentAdvanced Ballistic ConceptsAdvanced TechnologyAdvantage ArmsAGB ArmsAguilaAim SportsAlchemistAlexander ArmsAllegianceAlliantalsama denexamcamend2American Built ArmsAmerican BulletAmerican CowboyAmerican EagleAmerican MunitionsAmerican PioneerAmerican PrecisionAmerican QualityAmerican TacticalAmerican Weigh ScalesAmmo Storage ComponentsAmmo Five Bulgarianarxascasian Militaryasymatiatlanta ArmsAtlantic MarksmenAtomicAustralian Defense IndustriesAustralian AGB-SquareBallistic PerformanceBallistic PrecisionBallistic PellagriBattenfeldBattle Born Munitionsbbmbear.It had not been fired since the mid to late 80's.brass.95.90 IMI.338 Lapua school reward pencils Mag rifle 250 50s 200 Round Case - 338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain SMK hpbt Long Range Tactical Ammo By IMI - - brass 579.50 200.90 Sellier and Bellot.338 Lapua Mag rifle 300 35s Sellier Bellot.338 Lapua.To get the most from this magnum cartridge, you need to know 300 Win Mag ballistics.But maybe it is because I have the choice of firearms of different calibers and may well be packing something other then my primary hunting rifle, so needing to put rounds down range with quality bullets from my "hunting" rifle would seem to.

Never felt any recoil.
Prev, next, our Brands.
That is the question.
And my Marlin 336.35 Remington to shoot black bear.
By all means do it your way then you have that confidence, just seems a waste of bullets.There may be better guns for a specific animal but not one for all of them.This simple ballistics analysis of the 300 Win Magnum tells us it is indeed suitable in cleanly bringing down big game way out to 500 yards if necessary.Minimal drop and drift compensate for our mistakes and make it easier to hit.Generated: blue line 180gr Accubond load Retained energy at 500 yards is 1742ft-lbs.CCI.22 Mag rimfire 40 0s CCI/Speer Maxi-Mag, 22WMR, 40 Grain, Hollow Point, 200 Round Box brass.And the biggest reason is it makes me happy and that is what counts If you're paying two grand to hunt in the Carolina's, someone is making a buck or two on you.