Leaving it at 45 is really the ticket for showing off your internals.
That means two years of hydraulic engineering, software development and more.
Enter In Wins 2400 H-Tower Signature Transformer PC case. .
Newegg is showing it off at its private Eggies event at CES.Maybe the best thing about the case, which you can't see in the video above, is how the H-Tower ensures it's safe to open: it scans the surface around it with lasers to detect potential obstacles.Ultra slim lightweight hardback will protect your precious.Skip big w gift baskets to main content eBay, enter your search keyword, all Categories, advanced "delay 300.The lasers light up every time you want the case to do its dance.Dimension (HxWxD Close: 617 x 322 x 502mm, Open: 620 x 680 x 785mm.At first, you think its just a fancy metal tower.More like this., Gaming Rig built using In-Win's Tower H Limited Edition motorized case.

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I like to have the motherboard at a 45 degree angle, though it can go completely 90 for a flat work bench presentation.
This High Quality, Stylish and Durable case is a must-have for your.
Where normal PC cases are meant to be sturdy, this is meant to thrust your your fragile overclocked processor into the sky.
IN WIN H-Tower 0 04:19 by : Linus Tech Tips on : rated by 7,6597.7 K users Add to favorites Play music Download MP3 Download MP4 Failed to prepare MP3 Failed to prepare MP3 HD In Win H-Tower motorised transformer PC case in action 0 00:47.The H-Tower is limited of limited editions. .More like this., Se você acessa o Adrenaline, certamente já viu alguns gabinetes nada convencionais que chamam a atenção de todos que passam por eles em eventos.The In Win H-Tower's signature feature are the hydraulics embedded in the case's base.Actually, don't imagine.Top Videos - Germany Change country.Buy It Now, free Shipping, case cover can be easily used with without the official touch keyboard, with a elastic cord to keep your device in perfect place.Case cover can.Oh, and theres lasers.

If they detect an obstruction (like my face being too close to the shiny bits) the hydraulics stop and wait for the obstruction to be removed.
Considerate and humanity design of auto wake up/ sleep function is much helpful and convenient for daily using.
Like a proper limited edition product, each case is numbered so you know it's legit.