In 2013, assembly was moved to Portugal.
The Mauser-inspired, non-rotating claw extractor (incompatible with a fully enclosed bolt head) was eliminated, and replaced with a small wedge-shaped extractor located within a lug of the bolt head.
The FN Special Police Rifle has the standard Winchester Model 70 rifle action, receiver and magazine system but the rifle is fitted with a heavier barrel and with the McMillan series tactical rifle stocks.
P245 Bolt Action Rifles by Frank de Haas, DBI Books INC, Northfield ILL, USA, 1971, isbn Jack O'Connor, The Rifle Book, 3rd Edition,.Around this time, Browning, which is owned by the same parent company as usrac, Giat Corp, of France, introduced the boss accuracy system.Later, Winchester expanded the Classic line, putting the Classic action on all their modern stocks, giving a wide range of choice in rifle types.If this issue persists, please call Cabelas Cusomer Service at and provide the following CAB Support ID: CAB Support ID:.37b51002.178bdac7.

Law enforcement use edit The Winchester Model 70 series rifles are marketed as sniper rifles for military forces and law enforcement agencies under the Fabrique Nationale banner as the Special Police Rifle (SPR) and the Patrol Bolt Rifle (PBR).
The ejector was of the blade type similar to that of the Mauser 98, but considered superior as it did not require a Mauser-type slot through the left locking lug; instead there was a slot in the bolt face below the locking lug, leaving both.
Free Shipping on All 75 Orders.Gloss Polymer, checkering, cut 20 LPI, sling Swivel Studs.Accessed June 11, 2008.Marine Corps replaced their Winchester Model 70s was that the post-1964 variants of the Model 70 did not meet.S.Repeating Arms under an agreement with, olin Corporation, allowing usra to use the Winchester name and logo.