These bitches aint shit, its in the Bible.
She got a baby, no, Im not the father.
Im just sayin I can see your plan You wanna get married to a rich man I cant fuck with you bitches, you wishy washy Neiman Marcus shoppin she want me to spoil her rotten But I know that shes plottin' mama said dont trust nobody This bitch is a vegetarian, all she want.Got hoes on hoes like a roster, is it because of my posture?His questions were a bit wishy-washy.Everybody know lil' mama.Wishy washy, I can not love them.But I know its cause a niggas dollars.She'll let you smash for sure today.But I know it's cause a nigga's bennelong restaurant gift voucher dollars.

You gotta watch them, these hoes wishy washy.
Talkin' 'bout you got a baby in your stomach.
Let me tell you a story 'Bout this lil' bitch named Tamara.
We noticed you was too excited.
Wishy washy, these hoes wishy washy.Wishy washy, wishy washy, these hoes wishy washy.Senator, clinton is a wishy washy liberal who refuses to demand that criminals get their due punishment.We noticed you was too excited, no we not going for it, no we not going.Wishy washy, I can not love them.

You're too wishy washy lil' bitch and you know.
Hook: Quavo, you know these hoes wishy washy.