Servicing your stove, a clogged appliance will require a greater amount of fuel to burn so ensure you book a hetas registered engineer to service your wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove.
Stocking up on fuel, good quality fuel is a must and will help you to gain the highest levels of efficiency from your wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove.
According to the regulations, you should sweep the chimney every four years, but this depends on different things.
Once you have established a safe pattern of use, you should be able to space out your chimney sweeping to perhaps just once a year.
Check the rope seal in the door of your stove; if it is old or worn, you should replace.Ask for proof of insurance (at least 300,000 and verify with the insurer that the policy is current.Hetas is the official body recognised by Government to approve solid fuel appliances, fuels and services has a wealth of information on caring for your stove as well as invaluable listings of respected and fully trained engineers and chimney sweeps.Making an appointment before the autumn months is best practice; after all, we want to have a roaring fire for when Jack Frost stops by!An annual inspection will determine if any sweeping or repairs are needed.Burn nothing in the fireplace except dry firewood or csia-accepted manufactured logs.The home owner should make arrangements for the chimney sweep by making a ladder, the soot hatch and the sweeping hatch easily accessible.Some chimney sweeps waive inspection fees if cleaning or repair work is done.Burn fires that consume the fuel.Vacuum the inside of the stove again to collect any debris you have loosened.Make sure that you have given your stove time to cool down completely before you begin.Consult a respected source such as hetas or the Solid Fuel Association to find out where your nearest approved supplier is and invest in properly seasoned logs with a moisture content below 20 or high quality solid fuel.

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Does it create a lot of soot when sweeping the chimney?
Prepare for a chimney sweeps visit by making sure that the fireplace is easily accessible.
Now turn your attention to the firebricks and clean these with a soft brush.Remember the adage, 'A clean chimney never caught fire!'.Getting your chimney swept, if you are burning wood, ensure your chimney is swept at least twice a year; this can be reduced to once if you are using multi-fuel in your stove.Soot consists of 8090 carbon and the rest is hydrogen.Clean the ashes from the fireplace as they accumulate.How to dry your own logs as it has essential tips on preparing and storing green logs to burn which can be very cost effective.As it turns out, having your chimney serviced once or twice a year improves the quality of air in your home, and gets rid of creosote and other harmful debris.If you have clay liners installed, they will be likely to crack during a fire as they are unable to stand the 'thermal shock and once they have cracked, any condensation or rain water will be able to soak into the surrounding brickwork resulting.If you have questions about your fireplace and fireplace safety, they are an excellent resource, so feel free to ask questions when they arrive.