I loved this apps first release (albeit a bit clunky) but with each release its gotten worse.
From today, customers will be able to store and use a digital version of their Woolworths Rewards card in Apple Wallet, taking the hassle out of searching for a physical Rewards card and enabling a faster checkout experience with Apple Pay.
We know our customers are now more connected than ever and we are already seeing a growth in payments via digital wallets across our stores.Getting eight restaurant voucher started with Woolworths Rewards on the iPhone is easy.I like to select my shopping from a default list that I create and add to as required.Kind regards, The Shop App Team.Your pass then lives in Apple Wallet, and your points balance will automatically update within about two hours of using.Since the penultimate release none of the product locations has been correct.It can be used at Woolworths, BWS and Woolworths Metro.To use Woolworths Rewards at a store, just hold your iPhone (or Apple Watch) to the terminal when it shows Tap iPhone to earn points, use Touch ID to authenticate, and youre done.If you can Kindly share with us products and the store where aisle information is incorrect to that would be greatly appreciated.Woolworths have become the first retailer in Australia (and one of the first worldwide, with only Walgreens, Coke and Kohls onboard elsewhere) to bring their Woolworths Rewards program to Apple Wallet.

In stores, Apple Pay works with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, and Apple Watch.
Please bear with us while we work on this functionality.
Get the kid that writes the app to talk to users, not rely on their perception of what they think is a good idea.Also in the last release you could show either a picture of the product or text relating to the item.We are currently working on showing Specials, Copy to List and hiding Checked and Unchecked items from list.It also wont work at Big W nor at Dan Murphys.That changed and by selecting items and hiding those I dont want on that shop I can walk through the store picking items as I go deselecting as I pick item, thus reducing the list.Wednesday 1 November 2017: Woolworths today brings its Rewards customers the option to add their Woolworths Rewards loyalty card into their iPhone and Apple Watch through Apple Wallet.Hi WilsonKD, We agree that we can make many improvements to the lists section of the app.Woolworths Director of Loyalty, Data and Digital Media, Ingrid Maes said; Were committed to creating shopping experiences that are personalised, seamless and convenient for our customers and are well positioned to take advantage of new trends in an evolving digital market.(luckily you tap Show Code on the pass to get an old school barcode to be scanned if need be).Woolworths Rewards is expected to launch October 16th, and will require an iPhone 6 or later (including the SE and iOS 9 or later).

This means that when you hold your iPhone to the terminal at Woolworths, your Rewards card will automatically appear and youll just need to authenticate to use it rather than having to open Wallet and find the card.
For more information on Woolworths Rewards on your iPhone, visit: /iphone, for more information on Apple Pay, visit: m/au/apple-pay/ - ends, for further information, contact the Woolworths Media Team (02).
When its time to pay, you can also use Apple Pay still just hold your iPhone to the terminal, your default payment card will be selected, and then use Touch ID to authenticate.