wot win rate

If this type of shell penetrates the hull armour, the situation is identical to the one just described for the other types of shells, damage is done to the full listed potential, /-.
In addition, a tank's armour is not uniform.
Due to the automatic correction of your aim it can be quite tricky to shoot the target in such situations, but there are a few considerations that can help you with: Sniper View has the lowest view point (gun mount so do not use.
Say our spotting target has a baseCamo coefficient of 25.25 while standing still and 15.15 while moving the hull.
2 The rate limitation on visibility checks means that it is entirely possible that a hidden tank moves out of cover right after a visibility check, shoots you, and returns back into cover right before the next visibility check, thus never getting spotted and staying.The gunner is wounded!Once the hull armour is penetrated the target will take the full listed damage, /-.This is because the server decides whether to send information about dynamic objects to you based on whether they are within the boundaries of a separate circle with a 564m radius circle (prior.9.12 it was a 1000m x 1000m x 1000m cube.If your vehicle enters water that's too deep, an icon will appear on your screen indicating that water is entering the crew and/or engine compartment.It is later updated with the data confirmed by the server.Prior.0, this stat history channel alone runner up prize was a hard limit that could not be exceeded no matter what.If you were playing with 500ms ping (an extremely high ping then you would have to lead the target by an additional.5 seconds of movement.Track destroyed We're immobilized!One of our tracks is damaged!For example, your aiming time is shorter as your Gunner's skill level increases.

The commander is hit, we can't see what's going on!
In other words, at an impact angle of 30 the armour is effectively over 115.47 stronger than its nominal value.
It has a very strong mantlet area that covers most of the turret front.
The ideal impact angle is along the normal,.e.Module and Crew Damage As mentioned above, you can not only damage a vehicle's armour, but also its modules and crew.In other words, as many different individual spotting ranges are calculated by the server for your tank as there are targets within the minimum and maximum spotting ranges to you.Also the Toolbox will increase repair speed by 25 for the normal toolbox or 40 for the improved toolbox.20m/s, theoretically you need to aim 10m in front of it to hit it or more depending.

Camouflage One factor when calculating spotting range is the camouflage factor of the vehicle to be spotted.
Increasing Stats past 100 primary crew skill.