He pushes all of my buttons yet opens my heart.
Its so easy to say When _ happens I will be happy or When I make _ then life will be awesome.
Read more Media Removed I got up at 4:15 this morning to wish my mini me a happy birthday.Thank you for teaching me to be kind and emphasizing the responsibility I have to be good to others - Thank you for your servant heart and making volunteering an essential part of my childhood.I can be both your labor and delivery, recovery, postpartum, scrub nurse, AND I can be a badass mother, runner, lifter, friend, sister.The moments and the places where everyone is entertained on ALL levels.Love is listening, of learning, discount chemist macquarie of sometimes, not saying a single word but just being there.IF this shoe fits.I hope he always knows how hard we try to give him a near perfect life and how bright.There is so much growing and changing in life.I admire her dedication to her craft.I wish she was.

Being a young mom was never in my plans, but I cant help to think that it was exactly what was in Gods plans I wouldnt change it for anything in this world.
May all your dreams come true.
A single person to take all roles in herself is my mom.
At times, I have felt like I missed a lot of his preteen and teen years, just being 6 years apart in age and at different stages of life.(swipe to see my reaction) I was just hoping to be invited to this wedding!#SundaysDivaDayOut #Dazzling #Divas #Birthday #BirthdayParty #birthdaygirl #spaparty #GirlsOnly #PrissyMani #Atlanta #Rainbow #SpaRobes #DressUp #FashionShow #Mom #momlife #blogpost #bloggers #bloglife #Love #atlanta #friends #girls #HappyBirthday #fingernails #teengirls #preteen #teenagers Read more Media Removed Happy Birthday to my first born, my first love Jayden!Heres to smooth sailing into your preteen years!What he - and almost of all of you.

It's been amazing watching you grow into the cool guy you are today, love you Angel!
And every Saturday I get to tell my readers a new (old) car story.
She'll always have a special place in my heart.