There happened to be another cashier standing there and she also told me the card had been scanned (basically making me feel like I was wasting their time).
She scanned my card (or seemed to scan it I paid for my groceries, and looked at the bill.
If youre using your PC Plus app, just swipe left while looking at your list of offers.
She was able to add the missing points on the spot, which was great.And theres twenty bucks sitting there waiting to be redeemed next time I shop.Had I really taken the time to think about it I should have bought it all in one shot in order to get all the points.Internet access from the depths of the store can be iffy.Youre notified by email which products can earn points for that week.I had a change of heart when I started to think about the stores we were supporting on a regular basis already.Watch the packaging those squeeze bottles of ketchup, mustard and mayo are apparently more expensive than the regular containers.Loblaws in particular is usually named as one of the more expensive ones whereas No Frills is considered one of the cheapest.(Oh well, that roast netted me 3800 points!) Heres my receipt: Update December 31, 2013 Lesson learned: always check the receipt!Update October 4, 2014 I have 330 available dollars to redeem.It was clear to me that it didnt scan so I went to customer service and showed them the bill.First stop was Price Choppers since I didnt have a list of items yet I wandered around and just wrote down items and prices of goods that I know we buy frequently since I figured they should make up a significant part of the food.

Since weve enrolled in PC Plus in July Ive redeemed 120 worth of PC points.
I actually find them hard to see sometimes, so its smart to pay attention. .
Id love to hear about any other tips or tricks you may have!
Extra special deals come around every once in awhile, which makes it even more important to stay on top of that weekly email and make sure the deals are loaded.
And this, my friends, IS coupon clipping church inn cheadle hulme voucher OF THE future.I used my PC Plus Points to buy Christmas dinner (see receipt below lcbo gift cards to cover the cost of wine and beer, a gift card to H M as a stocking stuffer for one of the girls, and a gift card to the Cineplex.Youll notice in the spreadsheet below that Ive used a multiplier on all the items to try to estimate how many of that particular item we use in a month.Theres no point overpaying for something just because youre being offered a few points in exchange.Then choose points inquiry.) You can also report the error on the PC Plus website but youll need to type in your receipt number.I only wanted to make a sample list, it would be too much work to compare every item we buy over the course of several months.Tropicana juice blends (800 points and if I spend 125 in the store this week theyll give me 12,000 bonus points.Theres also a copy of the card on the app.